Case of the Mondays.

I am way behind the times when it comes to blogs.  It’s 2011 going on 2012 soon, and I am just getting one? Where have I been?!

My amateur blogging skills will document my day to day discoveries of laughs, fashion, news stories, and local happenings around South-Eastern Wisconsin.  Hope you like it mom 😉

To start my blog off, I like to cure my case of the Mondays with some internet funnies.  I compiled a small prescription to help all you sick ones out there that have come down with what seems to be the worst day of the week sometimes.

1 Dose of a laugh: Ellen Scare Montage

1 Dose of an IKEA moment: A-mazing desk idea.

1 Dose of a cute kitty:

Well that’s all I have for today. Hope this prescription cured your case of the Mondays!

XO Victoria

“I’ll never get used to anything.  Anyone that does, they might as well be dead.” -Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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