I have been M.I.A. in the blogging world and thought I’d give it another go. All 2 of you I’m sure noticed.  Let’s hope this sticks for a longer period than 3 posts in a row.

Here is a photo diary to catch you up on the events that have been fortunate enough to grace the camera on my phone.


Flowers from the best boyfriend in the entire world!

I was just about to leave for class one day(running late of course) when some random woman pulls in my drive way to flag me down and hand over some lovely(understatement) flowers.  They were from a man named Adam whom I am quite smitten with.  Makes me feel special even when he is thousands of miles away.


Happy 22nd gorgeous! (Allie and her fits-in-wonderfully-with-crazygirls-boyfriend, Josh.)

Celebrated THIS girl’s 22nd birthday and got to see almost all the besties! It was quite a night/weekend to say the least. Picture stomach ache from constant laughter, a mess of a kitchen the next morning, lots of tripping and falling, not always by accident, and random dance moves being busted out.


My odd cat.

While driving to celebrate her birthday, I toted my kitten along with me to stay home and torture my parents and dog.  This is how he travels with me in the car.  It generates many stares and lots of laughing and screaming from children passing in cars.


Margarita time!

Got some delish mexican food(remnants still in my fridge) with friends and thought some margaritas would possibly go well it.  Who woulda thunk?


Made a day of the beautiful weather and spent it with this lady, Christy.  She just looked so stylish and breezy, I had to capture the moment.  As roommates we have grown pretty close.  Close enough that we finish eachother’s thoughts and come out of our rooms in the morning wearing the same outfits.  I know she’s a keeper when she gives me piggy back rides through puddles so I won’t ruin my new flats.  Our day together could have created a montage of cute friend moments.  Cue “The Odd Couple” theme song.


Photo taken on not the best looking morning. It was still a noteworthy moment though no matter how I looked.

Included in our day date was a trip to the local eatery to enjoy some wonderful drinks.  I thought a bloody mary was in order since I have been *studying SO hard for my classes.


Miller Park=My haven

In lieu of all the nice weather lately and doing well on my last Spanish exam(A!), I have been in a freakishly happy mood which has in turn caused me to make spontaneous decisions.  Such as meeting my sister and nephew at Miller Park for lunch in between classes.  Best. Decision. Ever.  We dined and chatted and I got to catch up with FAVORITE little 3 year old man in the world.  I bought him a bat(because I’m an auntie and can make poor life decisions for him without dealing with the consequences).  So far I have gotten a few calls letting me know he sleeps with it(cute!), can hit a ball off the tee pretty well and it goes a decent distance(future homerun hitter!) and also throws the bat at the picture window(…oops).

(Sidenote: Opening day is April 6th and THIS girl has got tickets.  I am dieing of anticipation)

ImageI read The Hunger Games in a day.  When I start a good book, I can’t do anything until I finish it.  “One more chapter” is repeated so many times to myself until it’s 2 am and I am reading the author’s notes.  Such a good book and definitely not what I was expecting.  Can’t wait for the movie now.

While this pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to, I know you all (2) want to see just one more picture of the kitten I call Toulouse (Toulucipher depending on who you talk to).  Well, I suppose I can grant that last request.


He has cute paws and wins my heart every time he curls up next to me.  I think I just might keep him around for a bit.

 *Working too much and spending every waking moment on pinterest.