Today’s Top 10

As I sit in my practicallyemptyexceptforthecatfood apartment, I can’t help but recall so many different events or moments of our Spain trip.  So I thought I’d turn it into a Top Ten kind of post.

My top 10 favorite moment of the Spain trip:

10. Missing my first flight out of Milwaukee.  I run on what Adam likes to call “Benson time” and expect everyone else to do the same.

**While this is one of my favorite, laughable moments in hindsight, at the time it was the first of many panic-stricken, crying moments during my trip

9. I asked an old man to take a picture of us in front of a fountain. He didn’t quite understand that there is no need to put your face up to the camera to look through a hole but rather there is a nice shiny screen to view instead. We had many pictures of our feet and surrounding trees to say the least.

8. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.  Okay it wasn’t exactly swimming.  I quick dunked my body in because it was absolutely too cold to actually swim around in and not spend the rest of the trip in a state of hypothermia.  But definitely, a surreal feeling that I will never forget.

7. The botanical gardens in Valencia were pretty cool and had all kinds of trees, plants and flowers from all over the world.  The best part though: the cats of the garden.  Tons of cats just roaming around. I chased every single one of them but Adam wouldn’t let me pick them up. He said they probably had fleas and lots of diseases.  I still beg to differ.

6. Adam’s general denial of us ever being lost even if we so clearly were.

5. We got paella in El Plaza del Mayor in Madrid. Last minute we decided to add a ham and cheese plate to our order. Turns out it was an 18 euro plate.  Our faces when we first got the bill were probably priceless.

4. Flamenco dancing in Valencia! Thanks to a tip from a friend(ahem, Rachael), we found this awesome intimate Spanish bar which has live flamenco shows multiple times a week.  We sat right in front, got a free drink and experienced an intense and fun dance, singing and guitar playing time.

3. The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia was architecturally beautiful and breath taking.  Not to mention the Wisconsin connection. The same architect designed the Milwaukee Art Museum.

2. Standing in front of a Picasso mural and feeling extremely small.  I’ve heard that seeing the Mona Lisa has the potential to be disappointing, but there was no disappointment when I saw all the Picasso’s in Sofia Reina Art Museum. 

1. I’m sure this was expected, but it is all the same necessary.  My favorite moment of course, was getting to see Adam again.  Seeing the person that keeps me in the right direction on a bus route or to laugh at me when I complain about being hungry, tired or too full(which I did a lot) was the best part of the trip.

Spain According to My Phone

As I mentioned earlier, Adam and I took a trip to Spain for 2 weeks.  He is currently deployed with the Army in Kosovo and had his two week leave over my birthday.  We thought a few months ago, what a great idea it would be to take that time to travel.  So Spain it was!

We took a sickening amount of pictures during our stay, but I took a few randos on my phone too. However, going through them I realized that all but 2 were of us drinking/eating.  Sorry if this post makes you hungry/thirsty.

Drinks, Pizza, Beach, OH MY

This place was right on the beach in Sitges and had the BEST pizza I have ever had in my life.  The waiter was really fun and then surprised us at the end with some yummy/strong shots.  Made the walk around  town the rest of the day…..interesting.  I am a proven lightweight.

View From the Top

Sitges was the type of town where everything is piled on top of eachother and the roads are pebble.  Cute.  This was the view from our mini balcony.

Coffee=Death of Me

I enjoy coffee.  Stronger the better and preferably just plain with no sugars, creamers etc. Not in Spain.  Spanish coffee means espresso apparently made from the devil’s spit and mixed with the coffee bean tree entirely.  I had to stoop down to the sugary stuff like cappuccino. WRONG.  I was fooling myself thinking that would be any less strong.  It was nice to only drink half a cup and be wired for the day though.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I hate traveling, love experiencing. The actual traveling was the hardest and stressful part of the trip.  Let me just say I cried in 3 out of the 4 airports I was at on my way to Spain. And trying to figure out each city’s bus/metro schedule and how to operate them was a ridiculous feat that we(I really mean Adam..I just stand by and pretend to have a sense of direction) were able to accomplish.  I was quite literally the tourist with the map upside down in the middle of the street almost getting hit by cars and mopeds(while Adam watched and laughed, mind you).  This was a photo we took of directions  hoping it would help for our next day.  It didn’t.

1 Euro Beers? Sold

In Valencia we found this awesome Irish pub(don’t judge) where they had 1 Euro beers! We of course had to stop after a great dinner.  Salud!

Goodbyes Already

All too soon the trip came to an end and had to say goodbye to Mr. Kiepert in the Barcelona airport.  Watched him board and take off.  So although we are back to our relationship of text, Facebook and Skype, it is now so much closer to seeing him again.


You thought a post wouldn’t include a kitten moment? He was so happy to see me when I got home, as is obvious by the photo below(take note of his backwards ears and paw ready to hit my face).  Although I’m missing Adam, I get to be back with my other boyfriend named Toulouse.

“If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right.” — Roland Gau

Who’s In For A Life Changing Moment?

So this happened…..

The boy proposed on a 2 week vacation in Spain!(Not romantic at all as you can imagine)

We are so excited and can’t wait for the big day but most of all loving this stage we are in right now. Thank you to everyone who has wished us well.  We are so grateful for our family and friends and their support.

“Will you marry me?”
-Adam Kiepert