Concerts: Dierks Bentley

It was fair-time in Jefferson county and the oh-so-cute Mr. Dierks Bentley was in town and ready to entertain.  I managed to snag a few photos but it down poured most of the time.  Which was exhilarating since Wisconsin is in the middle of a drought.

We danced and sang in the rain while he continued to play and we also snuck our way up to the front.

I knew these rain boots were going to come in handy:

Newly acquired friendship bracelet before the show started:

Wristbands, Unite!:

Our classy tailgating moments:

The perfect rain dance for Wisconsin:

**The rain ruined all of Dierks’ equipment.  Whoops.  Thanks for the show!

The World Is Ending: I Am Now A Runner

Okay I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m now a runner.  But I did go for a run this morning.  I’m waiting for pigs to fly past my window.  After I went for a terrible gross run, I did an ab workout…and lunges!  The Mayans were wrong, the world is ending today. Not December.  

This all started when I felt like I hit an all time low last night. I was so hungover all day from 12,000 calories of alcohol the night before and then thought it was a great idea to get fast food at 3 am.  Gross.  I gave myself an intervention and decided to get my act together.

Of course I feel like a new person and want to start to all these great diets and jazzercise videos.  But I’m promising myself that this is not a phase.  I want to be healthy. I want to be happy because I am healthy.  So who needs new years resolutions…I’ll do a July resolution.

Mark my words, I am working out from now on.  There will be no more 3 am McDonald’s runs.  I will not by any means eat anything deep fried.  Come on, it’s at least a start. 

My shame:


Thank you Nike for coming into my life to counter-act my shameful habits:

Sunday Funday: Crazy Eyes

I had the day off which meant I got to spend some quality time with the kitten.  I watched Mad Men and then I let him watch his cat crack videos and then we both watched videos of cats doing funny things.  Toulouse also spent most of this day in crazy eyes mode.  Where he seems to be on some type of drugs and runs around like a cheetah attacking my every move.

Sitting at the computer: scratching my face while he lounges on the keyboard.

Walking to the kitchen: waits around the corner and deems my leg fit for a wrestle.

Washing dishes: jumps into the sink and must eat every plate I touch.

During these fiascos, his eyes are crazy.  He looks like a strung out crack addict who hasn’t had a hit in 5 hours.  He is relentless and his normal cat toys won’t do.  He must wrestle with me on everything.  If I dare to pick him up, rest assured I will recover from the fight with a scratched up body, no eyeballs in the socket and a bruised ego.  I’m afraid to see what he’s like on catnip…..

I have to remind myself that he loves me, sometimes. “Go away. Come back. I like you. No I don’t. Lemme out. Gimme treat. I love you. Go away.  Carry me.” -Cat (

Favorite cat video I found today

While I’m nursing my torn up legs, I hope you’ll be having a great week! Happy Sunday!



One of my favorite books as a child was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

I found this awesome video of Shel Silverstein narrating the book on Pinterest and thought I had to share it.

The book always made me so sad but it was also equally sweet.

Nostalgia is so good sometimes and certain books can really take me back and feel sentimental. Maybe a trip home  would help?

“..and she loved the boy very, very much.  Even more than she loved herself.”

-Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree