What I Am Doing…

What I am listening to…..

Seeing him in concert at the fair tomorrow which means he is on repeat on my ipod dock.

What I am watching….

I’m definitely a late comer to the show, but I was hooked immediately.

I refused to talk to anyone or do anything until I could finish it.  I choose Mad Men over friends anytime. Sorry friends.

What I am wearing….

My closet is very romper-happy right now.  Not sure how I feel about that but they just fit my body really well so I’m rolling with it.

What I am eating….

Frosty’s in Fort Atkinson. If I die there of a sugar coma, know that I will have died happy and very full(and rich, this amazing banana split was dirt cheap).

What I am planning….

Planning my baby kitten’s first birthday party! I know he is just ecstatic to have people roaming around his house and eating food he can’t. At least I will be, for the simple fact that people even showed up.

Kitten has been very cuddly lately too which means I balance holding him while doing dishes, on the computer or sorting through laundry.


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