The World Is Ending: I Am Now A Runner

Okay I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m now a runner.  But I did go for a run this morning.  I’m waiting for pigs to fly past my window.  After I went for a terrible gross run, I did an ab workout…and lunges!  The Mayans were wrong, the world is ending today. Not December.  

This all started when I felt like I hit an all time low last night. I was so hungover all day from 12,000 calories of alcohol the night before and then thought it was a great idea to get fast food at 3 am.  Gross.  I gave myself an intervention and decided to get my act together.

Of course I feel like a new person and want to start to all these great diets and jazzercise videos.  But I’m promising myself that this is not a phase.  I want to be healthy. I want to be happy because I am healthy.  So who needs new years resolutions…I’ll do a July resolution.

Mark my words, I am working out from now on.  There will be no more 3 am McDonald’s runs.  I will not by any means eat anything deep fried.  Come on, it’s at least a start. 

My shame:


Thank you Nike for coming into my life to counter-act my shameful habits:

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