What I Am Doing…

What I am listening to…..

Seeing him in concert at the fair tomorrow which means he is on repeat on my ipod dock.

What I am watching….

I’m definitely a late comer to the show, but I was hooked immediately.

I refused to talk to anyone or do anything until I could finish it.  I choose Mad Men over friends anytime. Sorry friends.

What I am wearing….

My closet is very romper-happy right now.  Not sure how I feel about that but they just fit my body really well so I’m rolling with it.

What I am eating….

Frosty’s in Fort Atkinson. If I die there of a sugar coma, know that I will have died happy and very full(and rich, this amazing banana split was dirt cheap).

What I am planning….

Planning my baby kitten’s first birthday party! I know he is just ecstatic to have people roaming around his house and eating food he can’t. At least I will be, for the simple fact that people even showed up.

Kitten has been very cuddly lately too which means I balance holding him while doing dishes, on the computer or sorting through laundry.

Happy Birthday To You America!

I never really celebrated Fourth of July all too much being from Port Washington where Fish Day is a bigger celebration.  Apparently we prefer to celebrate fried fish and chips rather than the day our country was created.  This year however, I was not in Port during Independence day so we all celebrated in Whitewater and I got to feel like a real American. What a blast! There was the carnival all week and my lovely friend Connor went Pinterest happy and made some yummy stuff.

Started things off right the night before during work by making Freedom Shots for customers.  Look at those layering skills I have!  The shot is grenadine at the bottom, Rumchata in the middle(you could probably use Bailey’s as well) and blue curacao on top.  To layer it you lay a knife touching the last layer and pour the alcohol down the knife.  Lays on top perfectly.

The next morning I had to catch atleast some of the two hour parade especially since my friend Josh was going to be in it.  And oh what a surprise it was seeing him!  Apparently America means tractors painted like a monster dressed in a flag.  I definitely approve.

More shots of course! Connor found lots of festive ideas off Pinterest, one of them being jello shots.  She took 3 days to make all of them since the layering had to set.  They turned out wonderful too!

We played some Jenga and I have to say, I’m pretty darn good at it.

I also attempted to decorate the outside which turned out to be a hodge podge of streamers. Oops.  At least I got the colors right.

Meet Kiara.  She’s single and ready to mingle! Her fancy lamp shade turned hat is attracting all the boys.

Talk about an all-American meal.  That pasta salad was to die for and the barbeque sandwich was nothing to complain about.  Connor does work in the kitchen.

All in all, this past Fourth of July was a festive American holiday.  I enjoyed great food and great friends.  Speaking of which, I think this picture captured a great moment of the day. I of course can only take pictures if my eyes are closed and I’m talking.

Happy Birthday America!

About Time!

Hallelujah there is a God! TOM-KAT have broken up.

**Take note of sagging eyes after hours of being forced to listen to his scientology rants. Image

She has never been my favorite but when she got into it with him, I immediately moved her from my “you’re okay” list, onto the “WEIRD/I can’t stand you” list, right next to Anne Hathaway.  Between his height problem, the couch jumping and fighting with people over scientology, I just couldn’t stand Tom Cruise.

And finally….they are breaking up.  She stopped drinking the kool-aid and I can actually start to think about moving her off that list.

Don’t get me started on Suri though.