Concerts: Jimmy Buffett

That’s right, Connor and I had the opportunity to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert.  We sang margaritaville while drinking a Landshark beer and watching people old enough to be our parents, some grandparents, roll down a hill drunk.  It was awesome.

Here are some highlights I caught before my phone died.

Connor had to dry her shorts on the way there:

Out the window of course. Classy

The crowd that was piling into the lots outside of the concert:

Everyone had a van or truck filled with goodies.  We had a baby scion and forgot to bring chairs.

Chillin’ in Margaritaville:

Found this fancy cheesehead around the area.


We did good on one thing which was bringing Landshark beer.  Had no idea it was such a hit everywhere! “Fins up!”


The group next to us who pretty much had a Jimmy Buffett concert at their tailgating sight, made a blender out of a weed-wacker motor.  “Say whaaa?” were my exact words as well.

Alpine Valley:

The concert was at Alpine Valley Ski Resort, which I had never been to.  It was a nice place.  This was his 19th year there! The concert itself was down in the valley of a ski hill so you had to walk down a large hill to get to the venue.  We sat in actual seats underneath the roof.  Apparently that was not where all the fun was because when we were leaving, we looked to be the only sober ones, and the most responsible.

To say the least, Connor and I have become Parrot-heads and have vowed to make a tradition out of this every year(or get parrot tattoos….hopefully not).


“If life gives you limes, make margaritas.”

-Jimmy Buffett

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