Weddings: Jeff and Jamie

I had the privilege of attending my friends Jeff and Jamie’s wedding this past weekend.  I met Jeff and Jamie through Mr. Kiepert and since he couldn’t be at the wedding I filled in as one of Jeff’s groomsmen.  Just kidding.  I could never pull of a tux. Instead I attended in a pretty dress that was graciously lent to me by a friend(ahem..Shannon).

There was a mishap leading up to my arrival of the wedding(I got pulled over, was late to the ceremony), but once I made it there, it was gorgeous and so lovely.

*Pardon the camera phone quality

The lights were hung all across the ceiling and then draped down to the floor. Perfect for when the dance part began.

He’s Baaaack:

Dusty is one of Adam’s best friends and was also in the wedding as a groomsmen.  He is in the airforce so we never get to see him.  It was a charming experience to hang out with him again.

Hahn(another one of Adam’s best friends) and I before the grand march.  He’s a handsome one.

The whole day and night was a success and I am so happy for both Jamie and Jeff! I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

-Jon Krakauer Into the Wild


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