Candy Apples and Scary Stories

Mr. Kiepert has been back from his deployment now for almost a month! It’s been great to have him back and to actually have him along to do fun things.  So far, a lot of these things are fall themed which is of course, both of our favorite seasons.

The other night we made caramel apples and started the first season of American Horror Story.  Which was right after we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead.  It was definitely a spooky Halloween-esque night.

Kitten was even scared of everything that he ended up hiding underneath the couch the whole time.  Actually, I’m not sure if he was scared of the ghosts on American Horror Story or my constant shaking and shrieking from the ghosts on American Horror Story :/

The cast has been so awesome so far in the first season.  We heard how crazy this show is but how amazing the story is.  So while I’m freaked out every time I finish an episode, I am also so excited to watch the next one.  Plus, Jessica Lange is fabulous in it.

Note the jersey….It was Packer Sunday as well.  Plus I was just so excited to buy a Donald Driver jersey for only fifteen bucks.  (I thank God for TJ Maxx every single day)

What am I going to do when Halloween is over?!


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