Let Me Just Gorge Myself

I indulged over Thanksgiving break not only with the dinner but I also felt the need to toast drinks with my friends and also hang out in candy stores.  I was very busy.

I would put up pictures of the girls night but absolutely none of them are acceptable to put out into the public.

These are semi-okay to show simply because they are not up close and you can’t see our faces.  The distraction of the pretty lights doesn’t hurt either.  Also, apparently we think we are all models.

A couple nights later we went to Cedarburg and stopped in the candy store there.  Delish! I bought a chocolate covered Oreo and proceeded to drop it onto the floor as soon as I payed for it. Typical.  Luckily I have a wonderful fiance that is willing to take one for the team and eat my floor cookie and trade me for his nice, clean one.

Dropped it about 2.2 seconds after taking this picture.  Womp womp.

I’ve been noticing that some of the blogs I follow have started a post-thanksgiving health cleanse after indulging in soooo much food.  I celebrate my thanksgiving hangover with more food and more leftovers.  Oh well.

Happy Holidays!

***Okay I had to post one picture from girls night(which actually wasn’t girls night because Adam was there).

For the sake of the people in the photo, I won’t divulge the names.  However, this photo explains a lot.  Hopefully neither of them read this blog :/

“Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.”

-Mick Jaeger

Late Night Walk

Last night I was craving a McDonald’s chocolate shake so I begged Adam to go get one with me.  After a lot of pouting, empty threats, and possibly throwing of objects, he finally said YES! Under one condition though: we walk.  (YUCK-he’s such a fitness/health freak)  It’s only a few blocks from the house but it was late and really cold so I bundled up.

After we got home, I had to take a picture so i could keep it for later to look back on and remember how much fun we had that night.  After we took the picture, I realized that we looked hilarious and thought I should post it on here for all you readers to see how dorky of a couple we are.  You are welcome.

1. Adam can’t open his eyes

2. My eyes are probably closed too but you can’t tell because my hat is too big.

3. Doesn’t he look like a dad?  THOSE SWEATPANTS!

4.I am clearly from Illinois

5. I was so hot from walking and my glasses were fogged up as well.  So after this photo was taken, I didn’t care/couldn’t see what it looked like.  It wasn’t until later did I realize how amazing it was.

So basically both of us are a mess and like to drink thousands of calories late at night.  Worth it as long as it’s together I suppose.


Giving Thanks

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! (I’m just a tad late here)  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Adam’s family and mine.  We are so lucky to have two dinners to attend and to get to spend time with both families.

My mom made us delicious quiche muffins for breakfast.  She’s so creative!

I stopped at a new store that opened in downtown Port Washington called Duluth Trading co. and bought him a new Christmas stocking (on sale for five bucks!).  He loved it.  Actually I think he could care less but just says he loves it to make me happy.  I’m okay with it. Super chef at work!

The table all ready to be filled with food and drinks!

Part of the fam.His pout face when he wants to act sweet.Mr. Kiepert regretted being apart of the clean plate club….Twice. Taylor practicing his mad photography skills.

Of course it wouldn’t be a family event without Taylor needing to “fix” something.  He thought it was broken and needed to be repaired right away.  He’s always at work!

I love being home especially when everyone can be together.  My mom’s great cooking and lots of laughter.  Can’t wait for Christmas now!

Family: A New Little Nephew!

My sister gave birth to a little boy the Monday before Thanksgiving! I was at school and of course had to drop everything I was doing and race back home to visit them at the hospital.  Very exciting! His name is Carson Daniel Wilkens and he was 6 pounds and 14 ounces.  He’s just a little bean.

A new little face in the world and it starts out so small.  It’s amazing holding a tiny human being in your arms.

I also made some snap-on bow ties for some onesies(yes, I saw this on Pinterest). He’ll be looking stylish during the Holidays!