Voter Fraud

I was a good citizen of the United States and posted my ballot early on before election day.  This was the second presidential election I was able to vote in and I don’t foresee it ever getting old.  It is a great feeling being able to cast my vote, knowing I get to help decide our country’s future.

My favorite part of voting however, is getting that really cool sticker as proof to everyone you walk past that you voted.  Apparently, for doing a good deed by voting early, I didn’t get a sticker! How am I supposed to get all my free stuff from places that give presents to those who have a sticker?? If I could go back, I would definitely be the procrastinator and just vote on the day of, like everyone else.

Since I didn’t get a sticker and was pretty bitter about it, I decided to make my own announcement in form of a crummy craft piece.  And of course had my cat wear it and he in turn chewed it up :/

No matter the outcome, I hope we all did our civic duty to vote for the president along with local officials.


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