Sunday Funday: Milwaukee Public Market

I had the chance to get back home to Port Washington this past weekend for a bit.  Adam and I went to church, brunch and the market with my parents and got to also see my brother and beautiful sister-in-law Kristen!

We went to Ian and Kristen’s church which they also got married in March 2011, in Milwaukee.  It’s such a gorgeous and simple church and Adam and I have actually been thinking of getting married there.  It was great to experience a service there.

We also all ate at  Benelux which was unbelievably delicious for brunch.  I’ve been there before, for dinner(which also did not disappoint) but brunch was so awesome that I forgot to take a picture of anything.  Oops.  Anyway, it is in the third ward and it was crazy busy because it was a Sunday afternoon.  P.s.-Their bloody mary was phenomenal as well!

Then we hit up Milwaukee Public Market because my mom had never been there.  It is your typical market with seafood, pastries, and sandwiches every where you turn plus lots of other random stores.  Always a new thing to find there though.

We found a “slab-o-bacon.”  Adam thought this was only possible in his dreams!  He was so excited and if this wasn’t so expensive, I would consider buying it as a joke for his birthday.

Mom was equally excited about buying olive oil.  Apparently this is some special kind of olive oil because those prices were JACKED!  I steered clear of that area and I think I will stick with my Great Value EVOO.  (Isn’t she a doll though?)


Kiepert was looking at my dad who was taking a picture of a picture being taken.  He’s a weirdo(by “he” I mean both Adam and my dad).  Also: Aren’t just the cutest in h&m sweaters(eye roll).  We can’t help but wear the same thing as each other every day.

Has Mr. Kiepert been hiding a secret talent from me?

It was back to the real world after this adventure but I loved spending some quality time with at least a miniature part of my family.  I love ’em just a little.

“I’m going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up Sunday morning and going to the deli.”

-Michael J. Fox


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