Giving Thanks

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! (I’m just a tad late here)  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Adam’s family and mine.  We are so lucky to have two dinners to attend and to get to spend time with both families.

My mom made us delicious quiche muffins for breakfast.  She’s so creative!

I stopped at a new store that opened in downtown Port Washington called Duluth Trading co. and bought him a new Christmas stocking (on sale for five bucks!).  He loved it.  Actually I think he could care less but just says he loves it to make me happy.  I’m okay with it. Super chef at work!

The table all ready to be filled with food and drinks!

Part of the fam.His pout face when he wants to act sweet.Mr. Kiepert regretted being apart of the clean plate club….Twice. Taylor practicing his mad photography skills.

Of course it wouldn’t be a family event without Taylor needing to “fix” something.  He thought it was broken and needed to be repaired right away.  He’s always at work!

I love being home especially when everyone can be together.  My mom’s great cooking and lots of laughter.  Can’t wait for Christmas now!

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