Late Night Walk

Last night I was craving a McDonald’s chocolate shake so I begged Adam to go get one with me.  After a lot of pouting, empty threats, and possibly throwing of objects, he finally said YES! Under one condition though: we walk.  (YUCK-he’s such a fitness/health freak)  It’s only a few blocks from the house but it was late and really cold so I bundled up.

After we got home, I had to take a picture so i could keep it for later to look back on and remember how much fun we had that night.  After we took the picture, I realized that we looked hilarious and thought I should post it on here for all you readers to see how dorky of a couple we are.  You are welcome.

1. Adam can’t open his eyes

2. My eyes are probably closed too but you can’t tell because my hat is too big.

3. Doesn’t he look like a dad?  THOSE SWEATPANTS!

4.I am clearly from Illinois

5. I was so hot from walking and my glasses were fogged up as well.  So after this photo was taken, I didn’t care/couldn’t see what it looked like.  It wasn’t until later did I realize how amazing it was.

So basically both of us are a mess and like to drink thousands of calories late at night.  Worth it as long as it’s together I suppose.



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