Survival Kit

Finals is already kicking my butt, and they haven’t even started yet!  First I have to finish all the end of the semester projects due and then I get to move on to the final tests and final projects.  LAME.  My brain is fried and I can barely hold a conversation with someone because I can not even remember my own name sometimes.

I am so brain dead, that the only viable option for my survival is to become a burrito.  See example below.


Therefore, I’m trying to take breaks(lots of them!) and try to recharge my brain by watching something absolutely mundane or of no importance.  Here are the things keeping me alive.

CATS! Duh.  Special thanks to a few friends that showed me these photos.  They were greatly appreciated.

4 5 3

Shel Silverstein’s Poems.  I was obsessed as a kid, so I thought, why not go back to my child hood while my brain catches up with the 5 page paper I just wrote.  So I rented one of his books from the library(kid section…..also a great place to nap).  His poems also have some great inspiration so it is nice to read when I’m on the verge of being submitted to a mental hospital.


Kardashians:  They are the most brain dead people and it is wonderful to watch when all that my brain can retain anymore is “sleep.  food. sleep.”  They work well with my one-word-at-a-time mentality.


Welp, time to head back to studying.  I just have to remember that this WILL end and I need to keep my momentum up so it ends well.

Happy studying!…….?


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