The Truths About Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook.  EVERYONE.  If you don’t you are either:

a. A grandma(not a valid excuse….My grandma even has one)

b. 3 years old(also not a valid excuse because chances are, you’re already in pictures all over your mother’s page)

c. A hipster(DEFINITELY not valid….if you are “too cool” to have one because you think it is a waste of time, then I don’t think you are allowed into society)

Facebook allows people to share information, music, plan parties and TONS more.  However, my sister and I had a very long conversation about our pet peeves/guilty pleasure of the ways people use Facebook.

1. The Vague/Not So Discreet Bashing of People: People will post statuses that are vague on who the person they are talking about is, yet are clearly talking to a certain person.  For example- “Stop talking about me and my life!  You have no idea who I am.” or  “I’m finna **** u up if I c u again.”

PUMP THE BREAKS GURRRL. Those aren’t exact quotes from anyone exactly but all I had to do was scan my news feed for a minute or so and found some prime material to work with.  I will by no means EVER post a status that isn’t personally funny or something that I think all of Facebook world should know about(like me eating 50 cupcakes…legit status of mine).  So I think when people do this, they are super cray.  Why can’t you just not talk to that person anymore and just chat about them behind their back like every other normal person.

Also, when someone posts these statuses, I secretly think in my head “Oh crap, they found out I said something or that we all laugh about them behind their back,” until they like my photo or status some day and I know that previous status was never about me personally.(internal sigh of relief)

I keep these people on my news feed because I think it is HILARIOUS.  Putting your personal dirty laundry, where everyone can see it is embarrassing.  For me, it shows me what is up with your life.  Including your enemies.  So thank you.

2. We also had a discussion about grammar.  Now I make the mistake of misspelling something because I was typing too fast or my auto-correct on my phone kicked in and turned “awesome” into “I have germs” 😐  (you know what I mean)  Some people on Facebook however, like to disregard spelling completely and just wing it.  For example: “Finna watch som Breaking Bad” or “i OWN dis pic.”  (weak examples I know, but it is physically painful for me to purposely misspell a word…I think I feel hives coming on)  When this happens, it is awkward for everyone.  Just type correctly and we wouldn’t have to try to decode what you are commenting.

Okay, so these pet peeves were fewer than I thought, but for some reason it turned into a long and heated/giggly conversation about people’s Facebooks.  What else am I missing?  Any other Facebook or twitter etiquette’s that people should be aware of?

“Twitter: proudly promoting ghastly grammar and silly misspelling since 2006”

Spain Photos: Pt 1

Adam and I went to Spain last year June.  It was phenomenal and we took a gazillion pictures of everything we saw.  What I thought was all of them that I posted on Facebook, turns out was not.  Adam has been keeping some from me! I found them on his hard drive the other day when I was looking through the videos we took(more on that later).

I thought I’d post some of the ones I found.  They are very random, so I’m sorry for the unorganized post here.


I can not tell you why this happened.


These were gallon sized Nutella containers.


Free admission day at the Art Museum! After spending lots of money on “stuff” it was nice to not have to pay for something.


At the art museum, this guy over here freaked me out!


A Picasso painting- Very surreal


Our last night in Madrid, the sky gave us a show to look at and remember the city by.

DSCN1090 DSCN1091 DSCN1157 DSCN1215

Valentine’s Day

I wish I could tell you I have something uber special planned for Valentine’s day.  Except I don’t have anything planned. So I can’t tell you that.  Both Mr. Kiepert and I work till about 9ish so we aren’t going out to dinner or anything like that.  We will just come home after and make a nice dinner probably.  We prefer the stir fry recipe on the back of the “Stir Fry” sauce packet.  Here it is if you would like to look up this high-class, time consuming, expensive ingredients, recipe.

Since we didn’t have much planned besides work and dinner, I thought just a few gestures would be nice.

I found this super easy 2 minute french toast in a cup recipe HERE.  All you have to do is cut up bread, put the normal ingredients into the cup with the bread and microwave it.  Now that is my kind of cooking!  I don’t think Mr. Kiepert would agree with me though.

I’ve also taken the time to make home made red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Except they aren’t really red velvet because I ran out of red food coloring and the frosting tastes kind of horrible because I lost count of how many powdered sugar cups I had put in already.  (I was on my 3rd glass of wine by then.  Atleast I think because I lost track of how many I had of those as well.)

DSCN1702[1] DSCN1703[1] DSCN1699[1] DSCN1698[1]

I tried decorating them super cute with a frosting holder-decorator thing(any help with the name…..someone….no?  I’ll google it later), however they turned out kind of…..not cute.  Kiepert still eats them though.  He loves food too much to let it go to waste, which may be one reason why I am marrying him.  I wonder if I can put that in my vows.  “I love you and want to be together forever because you will eat my baking no matter what.”….hm…Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself.  I don’t want people thinking I can’t bake and will poison them by accident.  On that note, who wants me to send them some cupcakes?!

someecards twitter valentine

Super Super Bowl

All I really have to say about the big game is “Beyonce” and you all should just nod your head and know what that all encompasses. However I would like to divulge my thoughts on what that word means to me after last night’s half time show(I could care less about the game because the Packers weren’t in it and no one really cute plays).

I have been waiting for Beyonce’s performance.  I was teetering between insanity and giddiness every time she instagrammed a photo of their practices, or her song came on the radio, for the past 3-ish months.  Lord have mercay she did not disappoint!

She looked stunning of course.  Everything from her cute knee high socks which are completely on trend right now to her fearless fake hair head banging moment, was PURR-FECT-OH(I capitalize that in order to emphasize that I am screaming in real life as I type this).

Take note that I watched this with four guys and one girl. And the latter is someone who doesn’t even know the extent of the pop culture that the rest of us teeny-boppers grew up with.  (Backstreet Boys who? she asks….I know…I’m still friends with her though, that’s how great she is)  So when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams LITERALLY popped onto the stage, I went all crazy lady on everyone.  My hands flew up, I screamed loud enough for them to make sure they heard my approval in New Orleans, and I chanted “They’re back, they’re back, it’s them, they’re back!”  Not one person in the room knew what I was talking about.  It looked a little something like this.


gif buddy the elf excitedThem:

gif confused ryan reynoldsAfter everyone caught on, they finally understood what this all meant.  So many questions I had.  Are the girls back together?  Does this mean a reunion tour?  Did Michelle lose weight? Why would Kelly lie to us all about performing with B? Does Kelly keep more secrets from us fans?

I can’t predict the future but I sure do hope this means we will be seeing more of Destiny’s Child as a whole.  I’m starting to feel old when I have to break out their albums from my CD “collection”-the bottom of some box in the basement with no cases left on them.  It’s about time they came out with an album that I can put directly onto my i-Pod from iTunes.

B finished out strong sans Kelly and Michelle and showed up all the past half time shows.  I mean, thanks to Janet’s little mis-hap, we were deprived for quite some time of current and relevant performers.  Tom Petty: Cool but not that interesting.  I’ll stick to keeping him on my i-Pod.  The Who: Who?   Black Eyed Peas: I hope the person who booked their autotuned-asses got fired.  (pardon my french, but maybe they should focus on vocal skills and skim down on the costume fitting).

Anywho, B killed it and proved once again that no matter what she is doing, she is spectacular and knows how to entertain America.  There’s a reason her and Hova are Bonnie and Clyde, King and Queen and America’s royalty.—Sorry Kim K…..B will not call you America’s princess let alone let you hold her precious baby.  You are not worthy.

Who won the super bowl you ask?


beyonce super bowl 1 beyonce super bowl 2

beyonce super bowl