The Truths About Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook.  EVERYONE.  If you don’t you are either:

a. A grandma(not a valid excuse….My grandma even has one)

b. 3 years old(also not a valid excuse because chances are, you’re already in pictures all over your mother’s page)

c. A hipster(DEFINITELY not valid….if you are “too cool” to have one because you think it is a waste of time, then I don’t think you are allowed into society)

Facebook allows people to share information, music, plan parties and TONS more.  However, my sister and I had a very long conversation about our pet peeves/guilty pleasure of the ways people use Facebook.

1. The Vague/Not So Discreet Bashing of People: People will post statuses that are vague on who the person they are talking about is, yet are clearly talking to a certain person.  For example- “Stop talking about me and my life!  You have no idea who I am.” or  “I’m finna **** u up if I c u again.”

PUMP THE BREAKS GURRRL. Those aren’t exact quotes from anyone exactly but all I had to do was scan my news feed for a minute or so and found some prime material to work with.  I will by no means EVER post a status that isn’t personally funny or something that I think all of Facebook world should know about(like me eating 50 cupcakes…legit status of mine).  So I think when people do this, they are super cray.  Why can’t you just not talk to that person anymore and just chat about them behind their back like every other normal person.

Also, when someone posts these statuses, I secretly think in my head “Oh crap, they found out I said something or that we all laugh about them behind their back,” until they like my photo or status some day and I know that previous status was never about me personally.(internal sigh of relief)

I keep these people on my news feed because I think it is HILARIOUS.  Putting your personal dirty laundry, where everyone can see it is embarrassing.  For me, it shows me what is up with your life.  Including your enemies.  So thank you.

2. We also had a discussion about grammar.  Now I make the mistake of misspelling something because I was typing too fast or my auto-correct on my phone kicked in and turned “awesome” into “I have germs” 😐  (you know what I mean)  Some people on Facebook however, like to disregard spelling completely and just wing it.  For example: “Finna watch som Breaking Bad” or “i OWN dis pic.”  (weak examples I know, but it is physically painful for me to purposely misspell a word…I think I feel hives coming on)  When this happens, it is awkward for everyone.  Just type correctly and we wouldn’t have to try to decode what you are commenting.

Okay, so these pet peeves were fewer than I thought, but for some reason it turned into a long and heated/giggly conversation about people’s Facebooks.  What else am I missing?  Any other Facebook or twitter etiquette’s that people should be aware of?

“Twitter: proudly promoting ghastly grammar and silly misspelling since 2006”

5 thoughts on “The Truths About Facebook

  1. I hate when people post statuses and/or pictures of their cats as if its their actual child, get a life…..I mean I love cats……

  2. Hash tags on fb! They do nothing and I hate when people say “oh it’s cause it’s linked to my twitter/and or Instagram! If that was the case it would say so under your status like it does for everyone else! You just feel like an idiot that someone called you out about it and you don’t want to look dumb 🙂 that is all!

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