Waterstreet Brewery

I had the chance to visit with my mom, sister and her two kids in Milwaukee.  Adam and I were there checking out a possible(it is currently, NOT possible anymore) venue for our wedding.  Please ignore the exorbitant amount of beer that I consumed.  I was a little depressed about not finding a wedding venue.


Grandma Benson with Carson. In case you are wondering, yes. That is a bow tie. I made them for him for Christmas. What a cutie.


Taylor had to wear a tie that day because Carson was wearing one. I’m going to assume he’s following the advice I gave him that I got from Rachel Zoe. “If you show up looking a bit more glam than the rest, what’s the worst case scenario, you look the best in the room?”


“Only God can judge me.” Atleast that is what a lot of rapper’s tattoos say.


This picture was taken so I could send it to my Dad with the caption “wish you were here.”


I hope she never sees this. I just thought it was such a great action shot of how the meal went.


Mr. Kiepert trying to keep day drinking classy.


Taylor was a little all over the place because I kept making him sit still to take a picture. He wasn’t too happy about it so this picture was the result of one of the failed picture-taking attempts.

  IMAG0875 IMAG0881



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