If you have had the chance to see me the past 6 months and asked me “Hey Tor! How is the wedding planning going?,” I would have responded with my infamous “You’ll be the next to go” look.  A.k.a. the planning had not been going well, rather, not going at ALL.

Not because Adam and I were dragging our feet about getting married.  More like I was dragging my feet about all the stressors of finding a reception hall, that wasn’t a hall really, was near my hometown, had cream city brick, near the lake, not expensive, had catering included, didn’t look like a “wedding” place etc etc etc.

I’m telling you, the list goes on for DAYS.  Pretty sure my sister and wonderful bridesmaids wanted to pull their hair(but really mine) because every place they came up with I hated or had already seen it and hated it already.  :/

BUT ALAS, I find the shining star in the dark and dismal sky that was my wedding planning.  Enter, The South Shore Pavillion.  Oh yes my friends, I am getting married in a public park.  It is beautiful and everything I had hoped for.  As soon as I found it, I knew it was the one.  It was the exact same feeling I got when I first met Mr. Kiepert.  Butterflies.  Excitement.  Jumping for joy.

Okay, I keeed I keeed.  But I was almost equally excited as that first day I met him.

Things then continued to fall into place.  I found a great caterer.  Pinterest was filled with awesome bridal hair ideas.  The wedding Gods were definitely looking down on me today.

I’m going to basque in this load-off-my-shoulders moment until my sister gets on my case about the next daunting task: invitations.

Until then my friends…….pray for my sanity in this very difficult, bridezilla world of mine.

Here is an extremely small percentage of some of my favorite things I pinned today:




By the way, I have finally stepped into reality and found the “follow” button on here.  So if you have the time to click a button, you should follow this little slice of the blog world.  Thanks everyone!

All photos from Pinterest



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