Horsing Around

About a month ago(HA that’s how terrible I am at keeping up with my blogging lately) I got the chance to go hang out on a beautiful farm.  The Hoffman’s, a family that comes into the restaurant I work at, invited a few of us over for a bit so we could see what they are surrounded by on a daily basis.

barns kitten

Now, I’m a city girl.  Not a big city girl like New York but I grew up in a town where I could walk down the street to my high school, bike across town to the candy store and drive 10 minutes to the nearest Target.  I’m used to having everything I need around me and the only animals I come in contact are the usual house pets.  So it was almost like I was in an alternate universe being in wide open spaces(cue DIXIE CHICKS SONG!) with no traffic around, and a horse nudging me to pet her.  It was phenomenal.  The Hoffman’s have a beautiful house on these large fields.  I cannot explain enough of how ….. magical it was.  That is the only word I can think of that describes what it was like to be apart of that even for just an hour.  This little city girl has been missing out!

So to try to explain how awesome it was to pet and hang out with these beautiful big creatures, I made a video.  You’ll see the family dogs and the barn cats (EEK!) as well.  Seriously…..I hope this is what Heaven will be like.


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