The Sorrows of Being 16 again.

Leave it to me!  My friends just know that if I don’t respond on my phone, whether it’s through text, Facebook or calling, my phone is probably dead.  Well leave it to me to have a phone that is dead all the time.  It is deader than dead.  It is as dead as a raccoon on the side of the road.  For some reason my phone just decided that it needs to be plugged in all the time in order to work and even then it still likes to turn off on me.

I feel like I am 16 again when I had no cell phone and had to use a land line(what are those?) with a rolodex of all my friends’ parents phone numbers.  To this day I can remember my friends’ house phones but not their own cell phones.  In spirit of being 16 again, I feel equally melodramatic of this situation as I would if I was a teenager…..MY LIFE IS OVERRR!!!!

**Pulling myself together now**

To help ease my sorrows of not having a phone, I felt it was appropriate to post an ode to my once beloved cellular device.  It will be missed


Basically I’m just letting people know that I’m not being rude, I just don’t have a phone. So Facebook me I guess?


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