Oh, For the Love of Kristen Wiig

torrey blog wiig

I am having a moment.  More like a seizure but I’ll get that looked at later.  Right now I am focusing on my most beloved….Kristen Wiig.  Is she not amazing?  From Target lady, to Gilly, to when she played Kris Jenner or Cinderella, she has impeccable timing and I always love when you can see her laugh.

Kristen was on Fallon last week dressed as Michael Jordan.  My innards were shaking with excitement.  I wonder how this came about: She showed up to promote her movie in a nice dress and heels with hair all done up, then she sees a bald wig sitting somewhere.  Puts it on and says “Do I look like Michael Jordan?”  and it just snowballs from there.  (Yeah…I did just make up a whole scenario of how great Kristen Wiig is.  What of it?)

Fallon announces it’s Jordan. Crowd goes wild.  Wiig walks out and there is an audible lowering of cheers because everyone is confused.  My brain could not handle the amazingness.  So naturally I have to go to hulu and watch a “best of” reel.”  My day is instantly brightened.

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