I’m Above Being Slimed but I Have No Problem Drowning Lara Croft

The 90’s were it.  Yes the early 2000’s were pretty awesome with the rise of Justin’s solo career but wasn’t it better in the 90’s when he was dating Britney?  Mariah was less crazy in the 90’s and a lot cuter.  Now she is married to a cackling Nick Cannon(yuck).

They even had matching jean outfits…….Classic.

Besides the music, the fashion is my kind of fashion.  If I could have come of age in the 90’s, I definitely would have.  But since I didn’t get that option, I will gladly pretend that the 90’s are still alive today.  From the overalls and high-waisted shorts to playing Nirvana on loop, I will always be a 90’s girl.  However I’m not talking about butterfly clips or those “miracle” tiny shirts either(also, keep the chokers away from me).

Why the 90’s were All-That (see what I did there?)

1. Lara Croft Tomb Raider:  I would sneak into my brother’s room(he had a shiny new toy called a Play-Station) and I would pop this game in.  I was too afraid of playing the actual game because it started in a dark and scary cave(I was a sensitive child) so Allie and I would sit down for a few hours to make Lara Croft climb boxes in the training room and then eventually make her drown in the pool.  I also liked her because she had really cool hair and cargo shorts.

 Lara Croft Tomb Raider 90s

2.  High-waisted shorts:  So happy these are coming back!   The low-waisted pants were not made for my body type so I am loving the higher/natural waist(white-girl problems I tell ya).  Thankfully they are different from the original 90’s look and aren’t so….”mom-jean.”  Although every time I wear them, I start yelling people’s full birth names and telling them to clean their room.


3.  Oh Jack and Rose.  The double VHS of Titanic.  It was classic.  I wasn’t allowed to watch it because, ya know…I was only 8(another reason why I should have come of age in the 90’s and not just have been born in them) but I secretly watched it through the den doors while my sister and mom got to watch all 3 hours of awesomeness.  I will always quote “Jack……come back” anytime I’m in a pool floating on a raft.

torrey blog titanic

4.  They hold a spot in my heart forever: TLC.  To this day I cannot hear the song waterfalls without doing the dance from the video and crying at the same time.  And don’t even get me started on their album Fan Mail. “No Scrubs” will always be my jam.   R.I.P. my homie LeftEye.

1999 Kid's Choice Awards

5.  If you were a kid in the 90’s and didn’t watch Nickelodeon, you were no friend of mine.  Although I was too much of a snob to ever want to be “slimed,” I wanted once, JUST ONCE, to be on the show “Figure It Out” with Summer Sanders.  No matter how much “Are You Afraid of the Dark” made me poop my pants of fright, I made sure to watch it every chance I got.

torrey blog slime

There were a million other things why the 90’s are better than almost anything today, but I have to say, I’m glad the internet and cell phones have come a long way.

“I want it that way.”

-The Backstreet Boys

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