Friday Five

New trend alert: I’m doing a list of things every Friday.  I hope this isn’t a moment from Mean Girls where Gretchen is trying to make “fetch” happen.  Please tell me it’s not like that.

Friday Five

I got into blogging because of a class but I had always wanted to start one after reading some really great blogs.  I thought I’d share with you some blogs to entertain yourself with after you have exhausted yourself with Pinterest and Facebook.

1. Love Taza

She has some pretty cute kids and her crazy fashion choices makes me coming back for more inspiration.

2. Life In Technicolor

Make sure you go to her “Wedding” tab and see her wedding dress.  It’s to die for.

3. Neon Fresh

Her “This Is How I’m Feeling Fridays” are filled with hilarious GIFs and her drawings of dinosaurs are impressive.

4. Barefoot Blonde

This fashion blog is so fun to look at even if I can’t afford a thing she has on it.

5.  Lauren Conrad  and The Beauty Department

I combine these two because Lauren Conrad is apart of both (clearly the first one you can see why).  The first has everything from fashion to food to books.  The Beauty Department is awesome as well.  It’s Lauren Conrad, her hairstylist and her makeup artist for a full trio of awesome beauty routines.  They have great tutorials for hair (for my friends who are wondering where I learn to do those crazy braids or do my makeup just-so; this is the source of that).

Hope you find something from these blogs.  They are a part of my daily morning coffee and blog-scouring routine.

Today is going to be weird because I have no work.  OH lordy, what I will do with the time!  I’m thinking of hitting the gym (shocking, for real), and maybe cleaning my room(hell is freezing over at just the thought of me cleaning).  Have a great Friday!

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