Advice to a Future Bride: Part 2


I am currently 26 days past the I Do’s.  I’m a married woman!  It was a complete whirlwind of a day.  I totally understand why people say “enjoy the day because it goes way too fast.”  So now that I’m past the planning and the big day, I thought I’d share what I realized in hindsight.

Let Other People Help You

I learned this a little too late, but people really do want to help you.  Once I figured out what needed to be done, I was able to assign friends tasks to do.  Without them, I don’t know how long it would have taken to wrap 180 caramel apples or hand-stamp 160 place cards.  So instead of planning time for you to do all these projects yourself, plan a time for someone else to do it all.  Just make sure you have some vodka or wine to share.


Forget About the Card Box

What I mean is don’t spend all your time working on the little stuff because no one cares what the card box looks like.  Try to focus on bigger and better things, such as the food and cake or the dancing.  My one regret was the dancing specifically.  While I was worrying about what shoes I was going to wear under my dress(which NO ONE SEES ANYWAY!) I should have been collaborating with the DJ to get the perfect music played at the perfect time.  Instead the DJ was allowing requests and it turned into Julia Stiles learning how to gyrate in Save the Last Dance.  As much as I loved(love) that movie, it is probably not what I pictured when I imagined my wedding.  So don’t be me.  Instead, wear flip-flops or some heels you already had in your closet and make sure the things that matter are what shines through on the day of.


Photographer, Photographer, Photographer

Need I say more? The photos are everything.  That was something Adam and I did right when it came to the wedding…the photos.

1. Research every photographer you can.

2. Meet with the photographers.  I met with one photographer and knew off the bat it wasn’t right.  I met with others and felt the same thing.  Until I met THE ONE…. The rest is history.  So basically, you get to experience dates but I promise it will be worth it.  Knowing you have a photographer that is going to bring out the best in you and your fiance will mean so much so make sure you jive with them.


Do. Not. Worry.

I repeat: DO. NOT. WORRY.  Chances are you won’t care about anything the day of anyway.  But just in case you are a worry wart, just chillax.  I made a promise to myself that I will let nothing ruin my day.  I will always be happy all day long no matter what and trust me that got tested.  On my wedding day we forgot the creative guestbook we made and had to buy a typical cheap one from Michael’s.  Didn’t phase me.  I had snot running down my nose at the altar.  Terribly disgusting, and it might have scarred Adam but I got over it quickly.  It stormed the entire day of.  We grabbed umbrellas!  The baker only gave us enough cake for 80 people when we had 160 guests.  Oh well.  The DJ didn’t listen to anything I wanted.  Danced anyway.  The reception’s bathrooms were disgusting and I hadn’t seen them prior to the wedding.  Made sure to wear shoes when I had to pee.  Our driver didn’t accept credit cards after we were told(or so we thought) that we could use it after he was done.  Found someone to write a check quick.  I stood in puddles and mud for the sake of photos which left the bottom of my dress with 6 inches of dirt.  Totally worth it.  Last but not least: I had wine spilt on my dress.  DID NOT CARE.  Legit.  As I had 5 women surrounding me and frantic calls for more soda water I had to laugh.  “Can we just go dance?!”

So if I could juke-step those possible meltdowns, I’m pretty sure you can as well.




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