Anytime Fitness Christmas Party, New Hair

Had the first Christmas party of the season!  I love dressing up in a pretty dress or attending an ugly sweater party.  Adam works as a trainer at the Anytime Fitness gym in Milton and they had their Christmas party this past weekend.  It was in Rockford(an hour and a half drive mind you!) at this beautiful country club.  The owner was extremely generous with a fancy dinner, open bar(I kept it classy don’t worry) and a really fun photo booth.  I got to know his co-workers and bosses and they were a blast!  I may have been the only one in the place wearing spanx and thinking to myself “man I hate working out” but besides that, I felt so welcomed.  Such a fun night!

999795_10200863114972466_551914712_nCan we please just take a moment to adore how handsome A looks in that suit??

Another update of my life, I cut bangs intah ma head!  I realized the other night that I have had pretty much the same hairstyle for the past 3 years and needed a change.  Literally, I looked at my driver’s license that I got renewed 3 years ago and I looked the exact same.  So I cut my own bangs!  We will see how long it takes for me to get sick of them but so far so good.  I think I need to brighten my hair up though so I don’t look so drab.  Keep a look out for that soon.

The current downside of the bangs: So many people at the christmas party continued to come up to me and mention how I looked like Taylor Swift.  Even Adam mentioned a quick “Hey T-Swift!” when I first showed him my new look.  If I brighten my hair it won’t help those comments but I’m willing to chance it.  I think it’s just the bold lip color I had on.  (plus she’s a gazillion feet taller than I am!)


Happy Holiday season everyone! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you can enjoy this time with wonderful company.


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