Old Men In Slippers: How The Pope Is Not Similar to Mariah Carey Anymore

This a bit of a serious post today.  No fun holiday party picture coming your way so if you aren’t feeling that kind of thing, try googling some fun cat photos or check out this link.  And then check me out tomorrow for some Sunday Funday!

Let’s talk Popes.  Not Olivia Pope here(can you believe we have to wait until February for a new episode? but I digress), rather the head of the Catholic church.  I was not raised Catholic and always found myself fumbling in the pews when I would attend with my friends.  My grandma would have a picture of the pope on her fridge and talk about him as if they just had lunch together the other day.  “We got a Christmas card from the Pope this year.”  When really it was a mass produced card that was handed out at the church.  I could compare this to my obsession to Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey during her Rainbow years, TLC and Spice Girls.  I would plaster my closet wall with their album covers that had their reprinted signatures on it and tell my mom how I felt about Scary Spices pants…”Think I would fit in them if she let me borrow a pair?”  Delusional.


So it just always seemed that this figure they call a Pope was far away.  Literally, but also metaphorically.  He was unattainable and seemed unimportant unless you were a devout Catholic.  I’m sure my Catholic-raised friends wouldn’t have been able to name the Pope during those times.  So I never paid much mind to this religious figure in the world.

Until now.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I watched the past Pope(I would look up his name for the sake of this post but I realized that it kind of defeats the point I’m trying to make) fly away in his trembling old age in a helicopter to live in a Greek cave somewhere with his fancy slippers and write a lot.  This is what they talked about for hours on the news and speculated who the next Pope was.  I honestly had to listen to a whole segment dedicated to his slippers.  Boring.  Since then, this radical and young Pope has taken his place(I use “radical” and “young” relatively).  Pope Francis, a humble man hailing from Argentina, has graced my television and news articles daily.  I’m constantly finding headlines about all of his wild nights out(escaping the Vatican to feed the homeless) and extreme birthday parties(inviting homeless men to dine with him as birthday guests).

I also recently found this article via social media.  Check it out and then come back to me.
Did you read it? No?  Okay let me sum it up.

Pope Francis rocks.  He does AWESOME things for his people and dedicates himself solely to everyone else and to God.  In the past when Popes rode in bullet proof glass cars and spoke with an ample amount of space between the people and them, Pope Francis is walking through the crowd to hug and kiss those around him.  He is washing and kissing the feet of juvenile delinquents just as Jesus did to his disciples.  He is denouncing hate that some show against homosexuals.  He also condemns the Catholic church’s obsession with the topics of abortion, homosexuality and contraception.  There’s lots more but those are just some highlights.

I won’t lie.  This article brought me to tears.  Near the end of reading it, Adam walks in bewildered that I am so beside myself(he kind of panics when I start to cry).  “This man is beautiful” was the only way I knew how to explain what I just read.  I wanted to know more so I started surfing the web for more info.  Everything I found was, as I said before, beautiful.


Pope Francis is inspiring.  No.  Hemingway is inspiring.  Oprah is inspiring.  Malala Yousafzai is inspiring.  But Pope Francis is beyond inspiring.  I was so deeply moved during my Francis-themed Google searches(Adam made sure to stay in the other room in between Kleenex runs).  He gives me a clear image of Popes now, sure.  I find it more important though that I have a clear image of what a person is supposed to be.  It seems there is a Pope that openly imitates Jesus, as the Catholic religion tells them to.  The Vatican is less frivolous and more involved with their people.  The Pope is there to serve rather than rule.  It is refreshing to see this.

I also realize that I am just recently coming into an age where I enjoy watching the news and actually care about politics and our economy etc.  instead of just Beyonce’s new album(but that is still important).  So maybe I just didn’t care about the past Pope’s because I was young.  Either way, I’m happy to see a change in the world.

Anywho, that is my serious thought for the day. But I definitely will be keeping that thought in the forefront of my mind as I go about my day from now on.   Hope you will too.


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