Let’s Play Ketchup.

Yes… I am still alive and (kind-of) well.  

Sorry to leave you hanging for a couple months.  What was that? It’s been since new year’s that I posted? Oops.  I’ve clearly been gallivanting around with my kitten while singing “Let It Go” and completely spaced on the fact that I have a blog.  

So let me ketchup on some things that are going on in my life currently(first being the fact that I now enjoy ketchup with my fries much more than ranch-gasp).  

First things first, I am sick.  Or rather getting over a sickness.  Thought I had strep then it turned into a bad cough and head cold thing.  I have been living with that for over a week now.  FUN.

Second, I just bought THIS nail polish and can’t stop staring at my nails now.  “Adam, seriously.  LOOK at how great this color is” has been my mantra the past couple of days.  So go buy it.  Right now.  It’s adorable.  

Adam had his military ball back in February.  It was so great to meet many of the people he has worked with for so long.  Ah who am I kidding!?  The best part was buying a fancy dress and doing my hair.  

(pardon the crummy phone picture)


Also, I now wear a bold lip on a daily basis.  And yes.  I do receive stares from girls in sweatpants and from guys who must not have ever seen a girl before.  

I do yoga twice a week and I now know what it feels like to have to fart in a public class.  You aren’t alone all you stretched out gassy yogis.  

In February I went to visit friends to celebrate birthdays.  The picture below was my friend Courtney’s birthday.  Celebrated at Lakefront Brewery(GO THERE NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T).  It was a blast.


Sad update: I dropped my phone and the screen is now shattered into little pieces so much so that I’m afraid to take off the clear screen cover in fear my screen will fall apart.  

Okay, onto more serious updates.

Adam and I both graduate in May.  He was accepted into Physical Therapy school at UW-Madison(hollaaa) and I am currently job-searching all over the Madison area(if you know of anything in a marketing field, hit a sistah up).  

We found an apartment on the West-ish side of Madison.  I seriously don’t know a lot about the area and what is considered the East side and what is considered the West side except for the fact of where the malls are and where the nearest Target is.  The apartment we found is UBER nice.  Like I feel rich now even though this apartment is making me poor.  What a conundrum.  

Also, I’m pregnant with our first child.  JUST KIDDING.  Please do not freak out(I’m looking at you mom).  Thought I’d just throw that out there since I missed April Fool’s….. by an entire week.  

Other than that nothing much is new.  Toulouse is still one of the worst cats I have ever encountered and yes, I still chase after him to smother him with kisses and hugs.  I have the scratches to prove it.  

So wherever you are, hope you have great weather like Wisconsin FINALLY is getting(high of 60’s…say wha?).  I plan on wearing a lot of nautical stripes and red lipstick.  

See ya later.  I’m going to go eat some french fries with ketchup before Adam comes home and catches me.  

P.S. I wasn’t going to mention the heartbreaking disaster that happened to Wisconsin…..  We lost in the final four.  But I felt that I needed to say how awesome of an experience it was to know that our team made it that far.  So thank you Wisconsin basketball for an enjoyable few weeks.  It made me actually care about sports for a small period of time.