Procrastination Station: My Pinterest Subconscious

All aboard the procrastination station!

I’m supposed to be working on some projects for my VERY LAST DAY OF COLLEGE WORK EVER but instead I am 3 large coffees in and I’m in a rut.  So I’m taking a minute(or an hour) to procrastinate.

Here’s what I’ve been day dreaming about on my Pinterest boards in between assignments.

1. This caprese salad for our graduation party on Saturday.

caprese salad

2.  Art.  I took an art history class recently and have fallen in love with finding art and what speaks to me.  My current favorite, and what I’m hoping to use to decorate our new apartment, is Christopher Wool’s pieces.  This is a pretty tame language piece in terms of the vulgarity of the words, but it still expresses what he does.  Some of his other pieces make me laugh and some are gloomy.  The hidden emo inside of me LOVES it.


3.  Homemade  popsicles are going to be a summer staple for me.  I found some with booze and also healthier ones.  Definitely trying out both kinds.


4.  Our new apartment is TINY tiny but we do have the luxury of a balcony.  Again…tiny.  So I’ve been researching small outdoor living.  This is one of my favs.

patio design

5. Chocolate cake with fruit is my FAVORITE and is another piece I will be making for my graduation party on Saturday.  I refuse to buy a store bought cake that no one ever eats anyway.  I used this recipe last week and just altered it by putting sliced strawberries in the middle.  I’m doing a different frosting this time around by using a chocolate ganache. YUM.

chocolate cake

6.  As another reminder of how cramped our new apartment will be, here is what I hope to accomplish once we move in.  ORGANIZATION.  I seriously need to get my crap together/get rid of everything I own.  I’ve been pinteresting different blogs that help with this.  My goal: Everything has a place and no drawers are over-stuffed.

closet organizationWell, I suppose I should move along and actually do something with my evening.

Next time I post on here, it will probably be a picture of a cap and gown. HOLY COW



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