Quick: Someone Teach Me How to Make Lasagna

New Year means new me! I’m ready to cook and clean and learn all the housewifey things.


Adam is leaving for his clinicals from January to May(kill me now) so Toulouse and I are stuck to fend for ourselves.  Last time Adam left me for more than a few days, I got gout.  Don’t know what gout is? Well then, go look it up.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  Go on…. google it.  I’ll be here.

So my goal is to not get gout and make sure the cat and the plants don’t die.

Let me tell you the ways Toulouse and I now have to take care of each other.

  1. Feed Toulouse
  2. Do the laundry.
  3. Fold the laundry.
  4. Toulouse meows to remind me to feed him.
  5. Clean the dishes
  6. Dust.
  7. Water the plants.
  8. Toulouse has to step on my head to remind me to feed him.
  9. Pay the rent and other bills.
  10. Play with Toulouse
  11. Eat a fruit
  12. Eat a vegetable
  13. Toulouse has to pee on my clothes as a consequence for not feeding him on-time
  14. Re-clean those clothes that I never folded.

I feel like the chore chart is a little one sided.  I mean, Toulouse’s only job is to make sure I feed him.  Whatever.

SO. Who wants to tell me how to make lasagna?