Living Alone: Glamorous or Nah?

I vote a hard pass at living alone. Not because I’m sad or whatever BS(I mean… I am don’t get me wrong) but because it’s HARD. I come home and nothing is done. The dishes are still there waiting for me because my cat doesn’t have actual hands and can’t stand on his hind legs for more than the second it takes for a treat to drop close to his mouth.

**This does not, however, keep me from asking Toulouse as to whyyyyyy he did not move his fat ass and clean up the kitchen.**

Also, there is no one to call when I think I might have left my curling iron on but can’t remember 100%. “Uhm, hey boss, I gotta take a long lunch today. Gotta check to see if I have an apartment building left.”

The poor plants. The POOR PLANTS. I had a startling wake-up in the middle of a deep sleep because I realized that I hadn’t watered the plants since Adam left(3 weeks). Did I go and water them right then and there? No, that would be ridiculous. I was in bed and didn’t want to have to adjust my pupils by turning on the light. Did I go and water them in the morning? Don’t be stupid, I was running late for work. It has now been 3 days and I still haven’t watered them even though I am staring one down now.

Speaking of water, can’t remember the last time I’ve had some. Probably explains why I’m feeling a bit dizzy at times.

Cooking is rough. I know I’ve talked about how I don’t rrrreaaallyyyy know how to cook and how that’s an “Adam thing” but it’s especially tough when I’m cooking for one. I don’t know proportions and can’t change a recipe to make it smaller. It’s even tougher when I don’t have any clean pots to cook with. I’ll just stick with watching the cooking videos on Facebook and heating up frozen chicken nuggets and taquitos, thanks.

So that’s why living alone sucks. No more Friday nights where we drink wine and make popcorn while checking movies off our Oscars list. Instead it’s filled with my cat sitting on the corner of the couch judging me because he knows I don’t know that he just threw up behind the couch and I won’t find it for another 2 days. *eyeroll*

Toulouse and the plants can’t wait for Adam to come home. I suppose I can’t either.