Such a Rebel


This. Sweatshirt. It is SO good. Obviously comfy(duh) but it is so much better because it has Elvis’ mugshot on it. Definitely got some compliments from strangers BUT it might have been due to me actually being in Tennessee where Elvis lived.

This was my outfit for touring the Jack Daniels Distillery. It was super gloomy and chilly out(actually snowed at one point) which was a bummer but the entire Distillery is GORGEOUS no matter the weather. Definitely check it out if you have the chance. Or if you are a gazillionaire, have some type of party there.


P.S. IDC if Adidas Superstars are on their way out, I’m milking them for all they are worth. They remind me of my childhood and are soooo comfortable.




La La Leopard


Trying leopard out today! It is still pretty chilly here in Madison so I definitely have been needing coats and hats still. I never ever wear leopard but I found this coat on sale and thought, “meh, I could make it work.” Sold out online so I can’t find a link to post below.

I like the idea of making it less glam by pairing it with ripped up jeans, black leather booties, white tee and a skull cap. It brings that whole “granny-glam” into an edgier vibe. Little tip: go to the men’s department for tshirts. They have the BEST fits. Hope you like!



Hat-H&M(sold out)

Jacket-Forever 21(sold out)


Shoes-Zara(sold out)