Anytime Fitness Christmas Party, New Hair

Anytime Fitness Christmas Party, New Hair

Had the first Christmas party of the season!  I love dressing up in a pretty dress or attending an ugly sweater party.  Adam works as a trainer at the Anytime Fitness gym in Milton and they had their Christmas party … Continue reading

Spain Photos: Part 3

I know I said Kiepert had stashed away some Spain photos, but “some” really meant “gazillions.”  I exaggerate.  I know.  It’s my thing so just roll with me homes.

Here are some more photos.  I’m trying to post them in increments so I don’t dump all gazillion of them on you guys at once.

DSCN0777 DSCN0772 DSCN0778 DSCN0904 DSCN0898 DSCN0893 DSCN0876 DSCN0806 DSCN0784 DSCN0783 DSCN0910 DSCN0927 DSCN0976

Valentine’s Day

I wish I could tell you I have something uber special planned for Valentine’s day.  Except I don’t have anything planned. So I can’t tell you that.  Both Mr. Kiepert and I work till about 9ish so we aren’t going out to dinner or anything like that.  We will just come home after and make a nice dinner probably.  We prefer the stir fry recipe on the back of the “Stir Fry” sauce packet.  Here it is if you would like to look up this high-class, time consuming, expensive ingredients, recipe.

Since we didn’t have much planned besides work and dinner, I thought just a few gestures would be nice.

I found this super easy 2 minute french toast in a cup recipe HERE.  All you have to do is cut up bread, put the normal ingredients into the cup with the bread and microwave it.  Now that is my kind of cooking!  I don’t think Mr. Kiepert would agree with me though.

I’ve also taken the time to make home made red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Except they aren’t really red velvet because I ran out of red food coloring and the frosting tastes kind of horrible because I lost count of how many powdered sugar cups I had put in already.  (I was on my 3rd glass of wine by then.  Atleast I think because I lost track of how many I had of those as well.)

DSCN1702[1] DSCN1703[1] DSCN1699[1] DSCN1698[1]

I tried decorating them super cute with a frosting holder-decorator thing(any help with the name…..someone….no?  I’ll google it later), however they turned out kind of…..not cute.  Kiepert still eats them though.  He loves food too much to let it go to waste, which may be one reason why I am marrying him.  I wonder if I can put that in my vows.  “I love you and want to be together forever because you will eat my baking no matter what.”….hm…Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself.  I don’t want people thinking I can’t bake and will poison them by accident.  On that note, who wants me to send them some cupcakes?!

someecards twitter valentine

Afternoon Walk

Ever since the Holidays have been over and school has been out, I find myself waking up just to lay around all day until I have to get ready for work.  So today Adam and I went out and took a walk in the nature preserve behind campus.

It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon and get a little exercise in.  Plus Adam taught me about deer tracking and the different types.

IMAG0849 IMAG0848 IMAG0847 IMAG0845 IMAG0842 IMAG0841 IMAG0839 IMAG0838 IMAG0835 IMAG0850

It was a beautiful walk and we even got to do some impromptu ice skating on a frozen pond.  Maybe January won’t be as bad as I thought it would be.

“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.”

John Boswell