My Life Lately According To Instagram

I heart instagram.


Mr. Kiepert got his CPR certification. Movin’ up in this world!


Our Christmas tree. My favorite night time moment.


I’ve been into lipstick lately. This was my passed time at work.


Made breakfast for Mr. Kiepert one morning. The fruit was frozen and the pancakes burnt. I’m working on it.


Where are the purple and red ones! I got shafted.


One of the awesome Christmas presents for my Dad.


Christmas break reading list.


First snow fall of the year. View from our balcony. Very peaceful.


Favorite Christmas card this year.


I have crazy friends.


Bathroom photog session.


Gandolf gets me every time.


Santa makes me happy.


She hates the in-laws.


“Where are my presents?”


We sell babies during the work hours.


Checking out cakes for the wedding.

IMG_20121222_231615 IMG_20121223_012522 IMG_20121224_170401 IMG_20121224_175846


The Holidays 2012

I know, I know! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with blogging.  I have a slew of things to catch up with but have been so busy with balancing the holidays, working and traveling between cities.  Here are some highlights.


Christmas eve and the days leading up to it were spent at my parents house in Port.  I spent most of the time in my newly acquired, oh-so-soft, I-could-live-in-them, collared pajamas and Ugg boots and planted my butt on the couch to watch endless Christmas movies.  I did get dressed however for church and dinner.  That lasted for only a few hours before I was back to where I started.


Santa Clauses everywhere! He even serves me coffee.  What a man.


Waiting for dinner to start.  He looks so wonderful in his outfit!


These two were guests at Grandparents Benson’s house.  This was the only moment they stayed still near each other.  We were lucky they stopped playing for even a minute.  That’s what we get for letting a puppy and a kitten hang around.


Poor Aunt Bee.  At her old age, she had enough of the youngin’ in-law pets after just a couple hours.  Don’t they understand she doesn’t want to play with them?!  This was the only time she was invited onto the couch as an escape from the chaos.  Otherwise she would sit in a corner and when Toulouse or Brewer could come her way, she would turn around and face the wall.  I think her theory was if she didn’t make eye contact, they would go away.


Wouldn’t be Christmas without some LOTR!  Watched the reruns on TV and then went and saw the Hobbit in theaters.  It’s a family event.


We got home with all the presents and Toulouse was still wondering where his presents were!


Made a run to the apothecary to stock up on drinks for later that night(still in pajamas and ugg boots).  Although we didn’t splurge on this $4 6 pack of quality Sconnie beer, I did have to take a picture to make sure I bought it another time.


…….Whatever is comfortable Brewer.


This pretty lady and I went out on the town with some pretty lip stick.

IMG_20121223_011647 IMG_20121223_012522 IMAG0815

Again….lady killer at age 4.


Before we all left school for back home and to celebrate with family, we celebrated with the Whitewater fam with a Christmas, white-elephant, gift exchange/ugly sweater party.  This was some of the crew before we headed over to the party.  Had to take a quick awkward family photo in front of the tree!

DSCN1678 DSCN1676

I also made dinner that night, which is a large fete for me.  Made Adam take a picture to prove that I CAN cook.  It was easy too.  Flattened dough and put pizza sauce, veggies and pepperoni in it.  Rolled it up and baked it for about 30 minutes.  Delish! And it made dinner/lunch for the next week.

DSCN1675 DSCN1674

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!