It has only been a few days but I am still extremely distraught over the shooting in Connecticut.  I cannot turn on the television, get on the internet or even check my email without being reminded of it.  I think the general question everyone is asking, is WHY.

Why did this happen? Why them? Why did he do it? Why did no one know?

There has been talk about gun control.  While that is a valid concern and there is still some work about making sure to control who has access to guns, I believe there is a discussion that should be had about what happens before these people feel the need to pick up guns.

The article below describes a parent who has a child with severe mental health issues.  It shows how badly parents across the country need help with this issue.  I can only imagine how hard it is to find help for your family who is struggling with this.

I think it’s time to look deeper than the superficial gun control argument.  We need to prevent the ideas people have about wanting to pick up guns.  We need to help these people going through daily problems with mental illnesses.  It is important to help those with minor to sever mental problems because it does not just affect that person or their family.  It affects ALL OF US.  The shootings the past year are extreme situations of how it affects all of us, but it affects us every single day whether we know it or not.

Well, that is my soapbox rant for the day.  I won’t stop thinking of all of these shootings.  They weigh heavy on my heart and I hope we can all continue looking for preventative ways of fixing this.

“It’s easy to talk about guns.  But it’s time to talk about mental illness.”

-Liza Long