Favorite Summer Makeup

HAC picture frontal

Semester is almost over and the weather is getting better(although it is storming right now, at least we don’t have snow in lovely southern Wisconsin).  So of course I am beginning to shift out my winter stuff and pull out my summer things.

These are some of my favorites that will be apart of my makeup arsenal this summer:

Tarte Waterproof Bronzer

I love this because it is waterproof so it won’t sweat off like all my other makeup and also, I am not a huge fan on a big sparkly bronze face(no offense snooki).  So this is a great mix that I use for contouring and also a nice tan look depending on what brush I use with it.

summer makeup tarte bronzer

MAC Lustre Drops

If I do want a little more shimmer, I reach for this highlighter from MAC.  It gives a glow and when placed on your cheekbones, it is perfect for a summer night.

summer makeup mac highlighterSmashbox Be Legendary Lipstick-Pout

I die for this lipstick.  Goes perfect with a bronzed and tanned body/face.  It is a bit lighter than this picture shows FYI.  Best part about it: doesn’t feel like a lipstick.  Oh yes my friends, it feels silky smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips.  I don’t apply it like a normal lipstick by dragging it across all of my lips. I first make sure my foundation has been dabbed on my lips to give a neutral base and then I also dab it on a few spots and spread it around with my lips.  I like just the hint of it for the day time.

summer makeup smashbox pout

Here is how they looked when put together:

HACing picture leftHACing picture rightHACing picture lipsHACing picture cheekbone
The lighting isn’t very helpful in terms of seeing it perfectly, but the makeup definitely is working for a great summer glow. *Please ignore the nostril shot*

Any other makeup must-haves for summer? Let me know! I love the feedback and my makeup drawer could use some new friends 😉