Goodbye Social Life/Hello School Year

First day of school today.   Say whaa?

The weather still feels warm and sticky and the summer clothes are still out, however we all have to pretend like we don’t notice and instead tote around books and backpacks and look like we care about syllabus week.

So while I’m pretending to care about the rules and regulations, I’m instead thinking of all the fall clothes I’m going to be purchasing and how fabulous I will look walking to class.

Here are the latest things I’ve purchased

Combat boots: I’m going to get a few stares for these I think.

Mocassin fringe, knee high boots: I’m going to get a LOT of stares for these I know.

What I imagine/hope I will look like when I go to class: Fabulous

What I really will look like when I go to class: A homeless looking woman.

*No lie, this was one of the top photos when I searched 
"homeless woman in sweatpants." 
Poor Britney.

So, happy new semester everyone! Let’s hope we all don’t end up looking like a homeless person at the end of exam week.

-“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
Malcolm Forbes