New Year’s Eve Ensemble

New Year's Eve Ensemble

Alice Olivia glove

NYX lips makeup
$12 –

Shoe Trending

I’ve been doing some serious fashion blog stalking lately and have become obsessed with SO many darn trends.  (I find that fashion blogs are much more real as opposed to the ads constantly surrounding the actual fashion of magazines and magazine web-sites which makes for much better fashion finds) I want a gazillion different things and one of them SHOES.  My closet(and Adam!) are begging me to not do this to them but I just can’t help it!
High Top Sneakers

1. Studded Converse-Free People   2. Black Stud Wedge-Zara

3. White Margiela H&M  4. Plain Black  Betsey Johnson   5. Studded Heel Zara


1. Studded Loafers- Charlotte Russe   2. Suede Oxfords-Dress shoes

3. Ankle Strap-Zara  4. Cap Toe-Kate spade


1. Camel Western Boots-Forever 21   2. Platform Chunky Heel-Forever 21

3. Slouchy Black Western Boots-Charlotte Russe

4. Platform Studded Heel-Forever 21

As you can tell, I love lots of studs.  I’ve found I love studs on shoes, shirts, skirts, bags, headbands and SO many other pieces.
Besides that fact, high tops are number one on my list right now.  Even the wedged ones(which a year ago, I would have thought that was disgusting) are on the top of my list! The wedged ones are appealing because I am such a shorty that the wedge will help my legs from looking cut off by the high tops.  I’ll post another Polyvore of what I would wear with them.
Those ankle strap flats are also gorgeous.  I would love to have those for the holidays and even in to spring.
My favorite boots are the tan western booties from forever21.  Those paired with a baggy t-shirt and military jacket would be perfect.  I think I could wear them every day actually.
Now that I’ve spent half my day on fashion blogs, I am now equipped with quite a few new fashion ideas.
On to the weekend where I can practice these fashion trends!

Goodbye Social Life/Hello School Year

First day of school today.   Say whaa?

The weather still feels warm and sticky and the summer clothes are still out, however we all have to pretend like we don’t notice and instead tote around books and backpacks and look like we care about syllabus week.

So while I’m pretending to care about the rules and regulations, I’m instead thinking of all the fall clothes I’m going to be purchasing and how fabulous I will look walking to class.

Here are the latest things I’ve purchased

Combat boots: I’m going to get a few stares for these I think.

Mocassin fringe, knee high boots: I’m going to get a LOT of stares for these I know.

What I imagine/hope I will look like when I go to class: Fabulous

What I really will look like when I go to class: A homeless looking woman.

*No lie, this was one of the top photos when I searched 
"homeless woman in sweatpants." 
Poor Britney.

So, happy new semester everyone! Let’s hope we all don’t end up looking like a homeless person at the end of exam week.

-“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
Malcolm Forbes